Quantlogic Market Timing Analytics

  • An awesome new service from Quantlogic, the world leaders in Market Timing Analytics, gives you a detailed report on the markets you trade or invest in.

  • Now you can see how your trade works against key information hidden to 99.8% of investors. This includes context information on probabilities, key levels. and a range of other key market timing analytics.

  • All this information is designed to give you and Edge on your trading.

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Quantlogic Market Timing Report

Each trade you take could be worth hundreds if not many thousands of dollars. Now you can power your trading with millions of dollars of research that enables you to see your trade in context. Three key elements power the Edge platform.

  • Probability Analytics

    We provide probability analytics around all your entries and stops.

  • Our Algorithms

    Major Algorithms that power are support and resistance. These levels are based on millions of individual algos, looking at every aspect of supply and demand metrics revealing many critical areas of support and resistance unseen to the overwhelming majority of traders.

We have redesigned and re-engineered price within the prism of a speedo to give you the very latest advances in Market Timing Analytics. This allows us to supply a wealth of information which would be impossible to show you on a chart alone. We also use Charts to complement our speedos so you will still feel at home with the analytics you have been using for years. Charts are great but they in our view provide only one dimension to a traders view and lack many of the critical context perspectives that we believe to be vital to a traders success.

Taken collectively the combined power of this approach is designed to bring transformation change to the way you trade. With each trade potentially being worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars it makes sense to back up your trading with the formidable power of Quantlogic Edge.

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